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Jessica Clay





•  by using education and the arts, we can break down barriers and challenge people’s perceptions.
•  if we can create a positive change in attitude and perceptions of oneself and others, this also helps society as a whole.
•  that dreams can be achieved through perseverance and believing in oneself, no matter what the obstacles.


About me

Hey everyone, my name is Jessica Clay and welcome to my website! I'm so excited to have you here! Let me introduce myself real quick...

I am an activist for individuals with disabilities, who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a power wheelchair. I do speaking engagements at different venues, including schools, conferences, professional development events, vocational centers, and more in order to spread disability awareness to a vast audience. Also, I perform integrated dance, which includes people with and without disabilities. I have had the privilege of performing integrated dance at a number of events, like festivals, competitions, and talent shows. Additionally, I was invited to perform in Washington D.C, at the Department of Education, and in Austin, Texas, after winning awards for two of my dance pieces.

I attended college at California State University, Channel Islands, where I double majored in Performing Arts, with an emphasis in dance, and Political Science, and got my Bachelor degrees in both. After receiving my two Bachelor degrees, I stayed at California State University, Channel Islands and got my Masters degree in Education, with an emphasis in disability studies, to help further my career in activism.

Combining my activism with integrated dance, my main goals are to promote some much-needed social change, challenge people’s perceptions, and create equality for individuals with disabilities.




•  promote disability awareness and representation.
•  create positive and accepting attitudes towards oneself and others. 
•  give role models for young people with or without disabilities.
•  open dialogue for discussion in and out of the classroom.
•  promote dance as an inclusive and diverse art form.
•  communicate beauty, joy and emotion through movement.